Industry Insider: Out of Home Advertising Terms

Out of home (OOH) advertising is everywhere. You may have seen it displayed on your drive on the highway or walking down the sidewalk! OOH is based on its physical presence and can take a lot of creative forms, especially with the advancements in digital technology. In this Industry Insider, we’re going to discuss the formats and terminology of the most traditional OOH advertising. 

Common OOH Formats and Terms:

Poster: Posters are located mostly on local roads and typically measure 12’3” x 24’6.”
Bulletin: Bulletins are the largest OOH format and typically measure 14’ x 48.’ They are great for viewing from far away, even as far as 50 plus feet.
Rotary: This is a bulletin that moves every 60-90 days to pre-approved locations. A rotary bulletin has a broader reach in market and provides flexibility to the OOH company to place it where available. 
Digital Billboards: This board usually runs on highways for up to 10 seconds and rotates with 6-8 other advertisers. It’s the most flexible form of advertising that allows for quick changes. 
“Showing”: This is the level of delivery as it pertains to market size/population, e.g. #100, #50.