Industry Insider: Birthday Ad Campaigns

We’ve been celebrating a lot of summer birthdays here at Clapp Communications, which inspired us to look at how some of the world’s most well-known companies have celebrated their birthdays.
Here are some of our favorite birthday/ anniversary campaigns. 

McDonald’s Big Mac- 2018

McDonald’s Big Mac turns 50 in 2018. To honor this long-time achievement, the restaurant chain is launching the MacCoin, a “universal food currency” that can be used in 50 different countries to score a free Big Mac. This campaign taps into the modern bitcoin craze while celebrating the burger’s legacy with “5 collectible designs for 5 legendary decades.” 

Apple- 2014

Apple celebrated its 30th birthday by bringing back their infamous 1984 Super Bowl ad. The ad showed the launch of their Mac home computer. Apple used their birthday as a time to show how the company has progressed through the years and how technology has changed our lives. Watch the ad here. 

Nike- 2013

Nike used its 25th birthday to launch a new campaign called “Possibilities.” This was intended to take Nike’s well-known tagline, “Just Do It,” to a whole new level. The campaign inspired others to push their limits through a series of Nike+ challenges.

Oreo- 2012

#OreoMoment became a worldwide trending topic for Oreo’s 100th birthday, “helping everyone around the world celebrate the kid inside.” Their “Daily Twist” campaign offered daily ads that reflected the latest happenings, pop culture news, milestones or celebrations taking place in the world. This campaign had an extremely positive effect on its viewers and made people look at the brand in a whole new way. 

Starbucks- 2011

Starbucks used their 40th birthday to create a new image for the brand. Their iconic logo got a makeover and a new line of sweets and a limited-quantity coffee blend launched in stores. The celebratory campaign focused on what Starbucks called ‘moments of connection’ and captured footage of people coming together at their stores.

Baskin-Robbins- 2010

Baskin-Robins used their 65th birthday to retire five ice cream flavors and place them in 
“Deep Freeze.” This was to make room for “more innovative flavors in the brand’s already extensive flavor repertoire.” Baskin-Robbins clever and creative approach to retiring the flavors limited its negativity and increased the excitement for the new flavors to come.  

Source: linkdex, Today