In our February newsletter, we asked our team to share their favorite invention or inventor in honor of National Inventors’ Day! See how each team member answered below: 
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Mike – The Find My iPhone app.
My favorite invention is the Find My iPhone app.  One time I left my phone on the train and watched it go all the way to Maine.  I called the station and they sent my phone back the next day!  
Barb – Google Maps.
I am happy for the invention of Google Maps. I have the WORST sense of direction and used to get lost everywhere I went. Now I usually make it to my intended destination and if I use WAZE which I like better than Google Maps, I might get there faster.
Timmy – Martin Cooper.
My favorite inventor is Martin Cooper, who invented the first mobile phone! Can’t imagine life without one!
Lisa – Steve Jobs.
I chose Steve Jobs as my favorite inventor because I love anything made by Apple. I really like how my iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Mac all connect so easily. And I’m so used to the way Apple products work, I don’t think I could ever go back to the other side!
Karen E – The airplane.
A favorite invention of mine is the airplane. I love to travel and see the world and an airplane allows you to do just that! Wheels up!
Karen B – Air Conditioning and Penicillin.
My favorite inventions would be a toss-up between Air Conditioning and the world’s first anti-biotic, Penicillin! I can’t imagine being without A/C during the hot summer months, but then again, most of us wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Penicillin! 
Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioning unit in 1902. Penicillin was actually discovered by accident by Dr. Alex Fleming, a bacteriologist, in 1928.
Dana – Video conferencing.
I believe one of the greatest inventions is video conferencing like Skype or Facetime. I traveled to Rome in 2007 and Facetimed my mom from the Trevi Fountain!
Sarah - Bluetooth. 
This invention has changed the world – virtually all our personal devices these days are equipped with Bluetooth technology. No more cords!
Brittany – The camera.
Photographs have helped us to create art and remember meaningful moments of our lives and others. We can visually see news around the world.
Andrea – The Ember self-heating ceramic mug.
My favorite invention is probably the Ember self-heating ceramic mug! It lets you remotely set the temperature you want and save presets for different types of drinks via Bluetooth. I always make hot drinks and then immediately forget about them, so this saves me from chugging cold cups of tea or coffee!
Leah – Benjamin Franklin.
My favorite inventor is Benjamin Franklin. In addition to inventing many things like the bifocals, lightning rod, summing fins, and glass armonica, he also owned a printing company! 
Joe – Leonardo da Vinci.
I’m always amazed by the invention sketches from da Vinci. His mind seemingly was centuries ahead of his contemporaries. Plus, Da Vinci’s Cradle is my daughter’s favorite ride at Busch Gardens.