In our January newsletter, we asked the Clapp Communications team to share a fact about themselves that we didn’t know. Did you guess correctly? See how each team member answered below: 
   Mike - I'm an off-road motorcyclist and won the A Super Senior Class
                                                       Championship from the East Coast Enduro Association last year.
  Barb - When I became an adult, I decided that I'd travel around the world even
                                                       if I had to use my last dime to do it. My favorite city is Istanbul, Turkey.
  Timmy - My real name IS Timmy. It was my great-grandmother’s name and no,
                                                       my mother did not want a boy!
  Lisa - I used to write for a prison magazine, Corrections Today.
  Karen E - I swam competitively for over 10 years for my neighborhood
                                                      summer team, year-round club team, and high school team.  
  Karen B - I was a production coordinator for the children’s TV show,
                                                      “Romper Room.” I wrote the names that Miss Sally would see in the
                                                      “Magic Mirror!”  
  Dana - I was in a radio commercial in the early 90s for a grocery store chain.
                                                      My lines were: “Mom, we’re all out of peanut butter!” and “Remember
                                                      to eat a good meal!”
  Sarah - I won an international photography contest for a photo I took of the
                                                       Colosseum during a very rare snowstorm in Rome.
  Brittany - I was captain of the foil team for the St. Mary's fencing club in my
                                                      senior year of college.
  Andrea - I once illustrated a children’s book about a rhinoceros named Ruby.