With so many advances in technology that make our lives easier and more accessible, we can’t think of what we’d do without our favorite apps! In honor of National App Day, we’ve decided to share a list of apps that help us get through each day. 

Barb: My favorite app is Audible. I love to read books but don’t always have enough down time to read as many books as I would like. Audible allows me to listen to the books while I drive. I am in the car quite often and don’t love driving so this makes it a bit more interesting and I can enjoy more great books.
Timmy: Instagram, so I can follow the adventures of my children and their friends!
Lisa: My favorite app is the Tile app, because I am constantly misplacing things, especially my phone. So now I can just click on the tile that’s on my keys to find my phone because the app allows it to ring, even on silent. And if I lose my keys, I can open up the app to find them too. If I lose both, I will be in trouble!
Dana: My favorite apps are Instagram, which helps me stay connected with my friends all over the world, and our baby monitor, YiHome, that I can view anywhere from my phone - I love being able to sneak a peek at my son’s day when I’m at work. 
Karen B: Team Snap! It helps me keep multiple sports schedules and rosters organized for my kids.
Karen E: I love Waze, the traffic navigation app. I use it all the time – heading to a meeting, the beach or visiting our daughter in DC. It definitely saves me time and helps me avoid huge traffic jams. It earns a big thumbs up from me!
Sarah: I have so many favorite apps! My top two are Amazon and SkyView. Amazon is a favorite for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t love online shopping?! SkyView makes my top two for giving me the ability to turn my iPhone into a telescope and stargaze. 
Brittany: My most commonly used app is Facebook Messenger. It was especially helpful when one of my best friends moved to England and it’s also great for video chatting. The other is Giphy - I’m a huge movie buff so I love being able to share how I’m feeling through pop culture references.