There is not a statement that reaps ‘steady decline’ more than a company who shields themselves with the defense, “We’ve always done it this way.”  At one time we lived in caves and hunted with sharpened sticks & rocks.  Times have changed and will continue to change; it’s your job as a company to produce the necessary movements to smoothly transition with these changes.


Breaking Free:

The first step to accomplish growth is to break free of what you’ve always done to allow your organization to breathe life into what could be.  I think there’s definitely something to be said for things that have ‘always worked.’  That’s fantastic, and I’d encourage continuing on with those items that have proven successful.  However, I want to focus on the areas that are failing or just doing ‘ok’.  Ok doesn’t cut it in the world we live in.  You shouldn’t be ok with just ‘ok’.  Break free of the systems that are sub-par.  Once you open the door to new ideas, you’ve already made huge leaps and bounds.

Keeping Up:

We live in a world where what’s trending is constantly replaced within the hour; and if you aren’t sure what the term ‘trending’ means well, you’re already behind.  You simply cannot afford to stick with just the things you’ve always done because others will always be a million steps ahead.  Time is money.  It’s about not only keeping up, but staying ahead. 

Let’s say you’re the owner of a family run bakery that’s been passed through generations in your family and is pretty successful.  There also have not been very many changes since opening day.  That’s absolutely wonderful but who’s to say coming to terms with 2014 might not be a sweet addition?  You’ve got a fantastic, loyal following and your regulars have been around for what feels like the opening of the store.  What about an audience you cannot tap or simply have not tapped?  There’s mega bakeries now like Panera & Corner Bakery who attract the younger crowds that you haven’t been able to persuade.

                ***Insert Social Media***

Connect on a personal level using their language and their media. Try offering a ½ priced secret cupcake of the day that is divulged via Facebook…


You’ve just gained thousands of ‘likes’ & a whole new profitable following. 


Being Brave Done Right:

Michelle Gass, Chief Customer Officer at Kohls, wasn’t afraid to push past the barrier of ‘it’s what we’ve always done’ and I’m sure Kohl’s will be praising her with the success to follow.  Gass has steered Kohl’s away from their previous tactics and has revamped the retailer’s marketing to hone in on emotional messaging.  The most recent campaign, “Find Your Yes,” which depicts major, positive, and happy moments in life has sparked a favorable response.

“There are very few moments in the lifetime of a brand when you have the opportunity to refresh who you are and how you connect with customers,” said Ms. Gass in a statement.  “This is our moment, and ‘Yes’ is our voice.  It is authentic and grounded in our heritage.” 

Kohl’s has been struggling because of its middle rank above stores like Ross yet below stores like Nordstrom.  Kohl’s is also promoting #FindYourYes through social media outlets, which is a wise tactic to stir interaction around the campaign. 


It’s about not being afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone.  Your comfort zone may produce predicted measurements that remain consistently average, but it’s the risk taking and refreshment that will bring never conceived outcomes.

Stay true to who you are as a brand, but like Kohls, it’s ok to say “Yes” to new ideas. 


Written by Junior Account Executive Cara Travis